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Thon Hotels

Thon Hotels know that their guests have different hotel needs on different occasions. This is they have developed three concepts which will make it easier to choose the right hotel. By offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the hotel and a high level of service among knowledgable employees, they will give the guests a positive hotel experience every time they stay. Over 60 hotels in Norway and also properties in Belgium, Netherlands and Sweden.

Earn points

You earn 500 points per night. All rates qualify for points except; free nights, award nights, staff & crew rates, sponsor fares and agreements between Thon Hotels and third party websites. Make your reservation

Note! Hotel reservations made through SAS website is considered as Third party website. In order to earn EuroBonus Extra points, please make your reservation direct with Thon Hotels Reservations.

Spend points

You can choose to take out your free nights at all Thon Hotels hotels except in Brussels and Rotterdam. Log in, go to My EuroBonus and make your reservation up until the day of arrival. The points for a free night vary depending on location and more and you need between 18,000–28,000 points per night incl. breakfast.

Always with Thon Hotels

The points cover one person in a single room or two people in a double room. One child under 13 is included in the room but charged for extra bed.