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    No offers

    Dear members,

    Thank you for your interest, however point bargains is no longer available…for the time being that is. If you're dreaming of getting away on a nice bargain, come back very soon. 


    Terms and conditions

    • Transfer flights on domestic are included if nothing else is mentioned.
    • Point bargains is always roundtrips.
    • You can book this offers online within minutes.
    • Point bargains is not available when you mix points and cash.
    • Travel must be completed during the period to obtain the discount.
    • Children receive a 50 percent discount on the offer, if nothing else is mentioned.
    • Infants travel for free, if you book a seat for your baby - 50 percent discount.
    • Start & end time for the offers are always UTC time, if nothing else is mentioned.
    • Number of award seats available is limited – try to avoid Sunday's.
    • Reservations cannot be changed after booking period is over, then normal award price applies.
    • In some cases, there are no direct flights within a zone or between two zones, so you must transit in another zone - which could make the award more expensive.
    • You are not allowed to mix classes on these offers, you need to make the reservation in the same class to obtain the discount.
    • The traveler must pay any applicable charges, such as airport taxes.
    • Can not be combined with other award discounts/offers. 
    • EuroBonus general membership conditions apply.

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