Upgrading to SAS Plus or SAS Business

    You can upgrade to SAS Plus on flights within the Nordic countries and Europe and to
    SAS Business or SAS Plus on flights to the US and Asia.


    In SAS Plus you can:

    ✓ Take two pieces of checked baggage, 23 kg/51 lbs each
    ✓ Take two carry-on bags, 8 kg/18 lbs each
    ✓ Take Fast Track through security
    ✓ Work, relax and eat well in SAS Lounges 
    ✓ Relax in wider, more comfortable seats
    ✓ Enjoy inflight meals and beverages
    ✓ Charge computers and phones in your own power outlet
    with a USB port
    ✓ Earn more EuroBonus points


    In SAS Business you can:

    ✓ Enjoy the same benefits as in SAS Plus
    Check in even more baggage: 2 x 32 kg/71 lbs
    ✓ Travel in a separate Business cabin
    ✓ Relax with the in–seat massage feature
    ✓ Convert your seat to a flat sleep seat
    ✓ Freshen up with a complimentary comfort kit
    ✓ Enjoy a delicious three-course inflight menu
    and buffet
    ✓ Earn even more EuroBonus points


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