• When you book your ticket at SAS' website
    • Through your travel agency
    • When you check in online no later than 22 hours before departure

    Pre-purchase your baggage and save up to 40% of the cost*

    *Compared to purchasing baggage at the airport

    HOW MUCH BAGGAGE YOUR ticket includes

      SAS Go Light SAS Go SAS Plus SAS Business
    Carry-on < 8kg/ 17 lbs ✓ Yes, 1 piece ✓ Yes, 1 piece ✓ Yes, 1 piece ✓ Yes, 2 pieces
    Bag/ski bag/golf bag < 23kg/ 50lbs   ✓ Yes, 1 piece ✓ Yes, 2 pieces ✓ Yes, 2 pieces <32kg/70lbs

    Eurobonus Silver & Star Alliance Gold: 1 extra piece, weight according to travel class. Eurobonus Gold & Diamond : 2 extra pieces, weight according to travel class.

    carry-on sizes

    Carry-on sizes

    Any duty-free or airport purchases need to fit into your carry-on. For safety reasons, store your carry-on under the seat in front of you. Your coat can go in the overhead locker.  


    Pay for your extra baggage using EuroBonus points when you check in at SAS' website or by using your credit card.



    Register your baggage as special baggage if:

    • The dimensions (height + width + depth) exceeds 250 cm/ 98" in total.
    • It weighs more than 32 kg/ 70 lbs.
    • You are traveling with weapons, pole vault poles or your pet. A flat rate will always be charged.

    Check in more

    Check in more

    If you need to check in more, or heavier baggage than your ticket allows, you can buy an extra baggage allowance. You can check in a maximum of 10 extra pieces of baggage.

    Air freight


    If you need additional baggage above the maximum of 10 extra pieces, you can send the baggage as air freight.

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