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Discover the world with SAS Charter

We cooperate with a number of tour operators to help you see even more of the world. And we want to make sure that your trip is as perfect as you want it to be. Here's all you need to know if you're taking a charter trip with SAS, including many ways to make your trip even better. 

Pre-order duty-free

When you travel with SAS Charter, you can order duty-free items online for onboard delivery on your outbound trip or on the way back.

  • Get up to 70% off perfume, cosmetics, accessories and candy. 
  • Pre-order items for onboard delivery on your trip home from almost all EU destinations.
  • You can order duty-free items on all flights. Some restrictions apply on alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, depending on the origin and destination of the flight. 

Choose your seat

If you have a favorite seat, you can always book it in advance for a fee.  

Relax in our lounges

Start your vacation in style before you leave by relaxing in one of our SAS Lounges at Arlanda or in Gothenburg, Oslo or Copenhagen. 

Please note: The lounge access benefits you enjoy as a EuroBonus member don't apply when you travel on a SAS Charter flight. Lounge access is also not included when you book a SAS Plus ticket on a SAS Charter flight.

SAS Lounge in Oslo


The amount of baggage you are permitted on your trip with us depends on the type of ticket you are flying on, the route and sometimes on the destination. If you have excess baggage not included on your ticket or you have special baggage, you can pre-book this for a fee.

Note that your baggage allowance as a EuroBonus member does not apply when you travel on an SAS charter flight.

Pre-book overweight or special baggage


Here is a list of how much baggage you can take with you at no cost when you fly on a charter flight with SAS. (If you are flying regular, other weights apply). If you have more baggage than the specified weight, an excess baggage charge will be added.

  Checked baggage Carry-on Carry-on, max. size
Charter Plus 30 kg/66 lbs 1 x 8 kg/18 lbs 55 cm/22" x 40 cm/16" x 23 cm/9"
Economy class 20 kg/44 lbs 1 x 5 kg/11 lbs 55 cm/22" x 40 cm/16" x 23 cm/9"
  • Each bag may weigh up to 32 kg/71 lbs. If your bag is heavier than 32 kg/71 lbs, you'll need to divide the weight into at least 2 bags or send it as air freight. This does not apply to special baggage. 

  • Checked bags must be marked with the bag tag you receive at the bag drop. You can also get address labels to mark your bag at the airport. 

  • For your security, please adhere to SAS' list of prohibited items. 
* conditions-of-carriage-en.pdf
More information on what to keep in mind when packing

Exceptions for baggage allowance 

If you're going to be away for 3 weeks or more, traveling on a charter ski trip or traveling with infants, some baggage allowance exceptions apply.  

  • On longer trips with a return ticket
    • If you have a return ticket for a trip of at least 3 weeks, you can check in baggage weighing up to 30 kg/66 lbs. This does not apply to one-way tickets.
  • When you travel on a ski charter
    • You can check in 1 bag weighing up to 15 kg/33 lbs in Economy Class and up to 20 kg/44 lbs in Charter Plus Class.


  • When traveling with an infant
    • Infants under age 2 can check in up to 10 kg/22 lbs of baggage. However, the child may not bring any carry-on baggage.
    • You may bring a foldable stroller free of charge. The stroller must be wrapped in a plastic bag approved for transport. Bags can be purchased at the airport. 


If you have more baggage than allowed on your ticket, the following applies:

  • Overweight costs DKK/NOK/SEK 70/EUR 8/USD 10 per kg/lbs (applies per one-way trip when you pay at the airport when departing)
  • If a single bag weighs more than 32 kg/71 lbs, the baggage must be divided into at least two bags
  • You can pay for overweight baggage at the airport or prepay at a discount using the link given below

Order and prepay for overweight baggage at a discounted price

Carry-on bags

For safety reasons, EU regulations restrict what you may have in your carry-on. For example, liquids (liquids, aerosols, gels and pastes) must be packed in containers that hold a maximum of 100 ml. Read more about these regulations on the Swedish Transportation Agency website.

Please note that we don't offer compensation for damage to checked or carry-on baggage that is caused by leaking or broken containers of liquids. 

Special baggage

The regulations given below for special baggage apply for flying charter with SAS. Other rules apply if you are flying on a regular flight.

  • If you wish to travel with special baggage, except in a very few instances you need to add it when you make your booking – contact your tour operator. 
  • Note that the transport of special baggage is subject to availability. 
  • You can pay for your special baggage at the standard price at the airport when you check in or you can prepay at a lower price using the link given below. 

Order and prepay for special baggage at a discounted price

  • You can bring a wheelchair free of charge. Just contact your tour operator to add it to your booking. Please also note that wheelchairs powered by wet batteries/lead–acid batteries must be shipped as air freight. We also offer wheelchair assistance at the airport.

  • If you're traveling with an infant, you can bring a stroller free. No pre-booking is required, but you need to send it as checked baggage in a special plastic bag that you can buy at the airport. 

  • Service dogs are welcome onboard free of charge. Please note that no other animals are allowed on SAS Charter flights. This includes the cabin and cargo hold. 

The prices given below are standard prices and apply when paying at the airport. Save money by ordering and paying for your special baggage in advance

Max. weight Prices in SEK  
One-way Return One-way Return
Bike 25 kg/55 lbs 400 (350) 800 (700) 45 (40) 90 (80)
Diving equipment 30 kg/66 lbs 400 (350) 800 (700) 45 (40) 90 (80)
Fishing rod 2 kg/4.5 lbs 25 (20) 50 (40) 2.5 (2) 5 (4)
Golf bag 15 kg/33 lbs 300 (250) 600 (500) 35 (30) 70 (60)
Walking poles 2 kg/4.5 lbs 25 (20) 50 (40) 2.5 (2) 5 (4)
Hang glider (without motor) 30 kg/66 lbs 500 (450) 1 000 (900) 55 (50) 110 (100)
Kite 20 kg/44 lbs 350 (300) 700 (600) 40 (35) 80 (70)
Skis/water skis 12 kg/2.5 lbs 250 (200) 500 (400) 30 (25) 60 (50)
Surfboard 15 kg/33 lbs 300 (250) 600 (500) 35 (30) 70 (60)
Windsurfing board incl. sail 30 kg/66 lbs – max. 4 m 500 (450) 1 000 (900) 55 (50) 110 (100)

Important information about skis

  • A ski case may contain 1 pair of skis and poles or one snowboard. 
  • You can also take a pair of ski or snowboard boots in a separate boot bag and a helmet. 
  • The total weight may not exceed 12 kg/26.5 lbs. 
  • It's not possible to check in a multi-ski case.
  • To protect your skis, you can buy a special plastic bag at the airport.


  • If you forget something onboard the aircraft, please contact the Lost & Found at the airport you are flying to/from:
    • Stockholm Arlanda Airport +46 10 410 02 00 (weekdays 10:00–18:00) 
    • Copenhagen Airport +45 38 74 88 22 (weekdays 10:00–14.00)
    • Oslo Airport +47 64 81 04 44 (every day 8:00–22:00)
  • If you've forgetten something at Stockholm Arlanda or Oslo Airport, you can look for it here


To make your trip as smooth and stress-free as possible, it's a good idea to arrive at the airport in plenty of time before your flight departs. Please also remember to give yourself enough time to get through security. 

  • Check-in opens 2 hours before departure and closes 1 hour before departure.
  • You need to be at the gate no later than 20 minutes before your flight departs.

We select a seat for you 7 days before departure, but you can always reserve the seat you want in advance for a fee. 

Checking in at a SAS Self-Service kiosk

If you're flying SAS Charter, you can skip the lines and check in at a SAS Self-Service kiosk at most of our departure airports. You can also print your boarding pass and bag tags.

  1. Select a tour operator on the screen.
  2. Enter the booking number shown on your travel document/certificate.
  3. Select the number of bags you want to check in and print your bag tags and boarding pass.
  4. Attach the bag tags to your baggage and save the receipt. 
  5. Drop your bags at the bag drop and show your identification/passport. 
  6. Leave any sports equipment (except winter sports) at the special baggage counter after dropping off your other baggage. 

If you're traveling with ski equipment, please check in at the SAS Charter counter.

  Checked bag Carry-on, max. weight Carry-on, max. size
Charter Plus 30 kg/66 lbs 1 x 8 kg/18 lbs 55 cm/22" x 40 cm/16" x 23 cm/9"
Economy class 20 kg/ 44 lbs 1 x 5 kg/11 lbs 55 cm/22" x 40 cm/16" x 23 cm/9"

Inflight food & shopping

Get into holiday mode onboard your flight by enjoying great inflight meals and shopping. Meals are included on some flights and we have special meals for children age 2–11. In other cases, you can pre-order a meal onboard when booking your trip. Ask your tour operator about the options available on your flight.

If you haven't pre-ordered your meal, you can always buy something light to eat and drink onboard. Please note that the selection depends on where you're traveling. See our menu

Special meals

Contact your tour operator to order special meals on SAS Charter flights.  

Type of meal Code
Vegan menu (excl. milk and egg products) VGML
Vegetarian menus (incl. milk and egg products) VLML
Muslim menu MOML
Gluten-free menu GFML
Lactose-free menu NLML
Menu for diabetics DBML

Inflight STORE

Spoil yourself or someone else with Scandinavian design, wonderful fragrances or great gifts. Shop in our STORE at excellent prices. 

Special assistance

At SAS, everyone should feel welcome when they travel with us. This is why we do everything we can to make your trip as easy, safe and comfortable as possible, whatever your needs or abilities. Just let us know what your needs are when you book.

  • Visually impaired/deaf travelers 
    If you are visually impaired or deaf and traveling alone, we can provide assistance. However, please keep in mind that the number of travelers we can assist on each flight is limited. 
  • Traveling with a wheelchair
    You can bring a wheelchair free of charge. Just contact your tour operator to add it to your booking. Please also note that wheelchairs powered by wet batteries/lead–acid batteries must be shipped as air freight. We also offer wheelchair assistance at the airport.
  • WCHC (cabin)
    The traveler is entirely immobile and requires a wheelchair to/from the aircraft and must be carried up/down steps and to/from his/her seat
  • WCHR (ramp)
    The traveler can walk up/down steps and to/from seat on his/her own. He/she requires a wheelchair to/from the aircraft.
  • WCHS (steps)
    If the traveler cannot walk up/down steps but can walk to/from his/her seat. He/she needs a wheelchair to/from the aircraft and must be carried up/down steps.


Other needs

If you require any other assistance, just let us know when you book your trip so we can provide the help you need.

  • Traveling with a service dog
    You can bring a service dog onboard free of charge. The dog is not included in any weight limitations and does not need to be shipped in a cage.
  • Traveling with oxygen
    If you require medical oxygen during the trip to and from the aircraft and/or during the flight, you can bring you own tanks of oxygen. Just let us know how many tanks you need to bring when you book your trip. The tanks can be shipped as carry-on or checked baggage. Please note that tanks of oxygen may not exceed the size and weight limitations for carry-on baggage (max. 115 cm/45", max. weight 5 kg/11 lbs). 

Traveling when pregnant
Unaccompanied minors

Parking Arlanda

If you plan on parking at Arlanda airport, we recommend that you book your parking in advance.

Book online

  • Take advantage of special offers
  • Guaranteed parking spot on departure
  • Park long–term also at the terminals

Book parking at Arlanda

Parking at Copenhagen Airport 

Pre-book your parking at Copenhagen Airport and pay less. Free buses to the terminals depart every 10–15 minutes.

  • Pay the lowest price. You get the lowest price.
  • Get priority and a guaranteed spot in the garage.
  • Save time at the airport.
  • See the exact price and choose the parking spot that suits you best.

Please note that you need to book parking no later than 23:00 the night before you arrive. 

Book now

Rent your own aircraft

At SAS, we believe that each traveler’s experience is singularly important no matter how big or small your group is. This is why we have a dedicated and experienced team to manage ad hoc charter requests. So if you’re looking for the fastest, easiest and most comfortable way to travel, then why not charter your own SAS plane? 

Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy with SAS Charter:

  • Efficient, friendly and dedicated single point of contact to meet your needs from start to finish. You choose the destination and schedule, and we make sure there are no stopovers or scattered departures.
  • Travel on our modern, refurbished SAS fleet with seating for up to 198 people.
  • Make your time matter. Traveling in a closed group is a true time saver, so why not have your event or workshop in the clouds? 
  • Personalize your trip. Brand our plane with your company logo. 
  • Enjoy priority service. Whiz past the lines at your dedicated check-in desks.  
  • Add more comfort and style to your trip with VIP service (available on request at selected airports). 
  • Enjoy more flexibility. Provide traveler names up to 5 business days before you travel and change names free of charge up until the day before departure. 
  • If you're traveling with a sports team or supporting group, we can provide personalized service to meet your needs. 
  • For music and media customers, we can meet the special needs of performance artists, rock bands and orchestras, TV camera crews and accompanying media personnel.

Contact our Charter team

To request a quote, please complete the form below and our specialist Charter Team will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your request! We will get back to you as soon as possible. Best regards SAS Charter team
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