Travel Cash

SAS Travel Cash

Keep an eye on your travel cash
with SAS Travel Cash

✓ No annual fee
✓ EuroBonus points when you shop
✓ Fixed currency exchange rate
✓ Easy to refill in the App
✓ Virtual card for online shopping

With Travel Cash you always have money in your pocket both abroad and at home. You pay using your EuroBonus card in local currencies – and earn points on everything you buy.


Here’s how it works

Forget about changing currency and handling cash. Travel Cash is a feature included in your standard EuroBonus card which lets you load your card with local currencies. 

  • You can load your card with the desired amount before a trip or load it each day while traveling. 

  • You are not affected by fluctuations in currency rates at your destination since you know the rate of the currency when you loaded your card with a foreign currency.

  • You earn EuroBonus points on everything you purchase with the card: 10 points per DKK/NOK/SEK 100 in foreign countries and 5 credits per DKK/NOK/SEK 100 in Scandinavia and Finland.

  • You can make purchases and withdraw money in ATMs everywhere MasterCard is accepted – a total of over 36 million locations worldwide.

  • You can make four free withdrawals per month in ATMs: two at home and two abroad.

  • You pay no annual fee.

  • You can exchange up to 13 currencies.


You can feel secure with Travel Cash since it is not linked to your personal bank account. So you don't need to worry if you lose the card.

  • No one can gain access to information or cash in your bank account.

  • Your money is available even if you have lost your card. You'll find a virtual card in the Travel Cash App which you can use for secure online shopping.

  • You can easily block your card in the Travel Cash App or by logging in here on the site.

SAS Travel Cash App

Download the Travel Cash App for iPhone or Android, so you can easily manage your Travel Cash. This lets you:

  • Transfer cash from your bank account to your Travel Cash account.

  • Exchange to the currencies you need for your travels.

  • View your balance, purchases and your currency exchange transactions.

  • Access your virtual card for online purchases.

  • Report lost/stolen cards.

You will find the same features found in the Travel Cash App by logging in to our website. You can also view your balance in the SAS App.

Frequently asked questions 

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