Register missing points

Register missing points

Don't miss out on valuable points. If you've flown, rented a car or stayed at a hotel and forgot to register your EuroBonus number, no worries. You can do it here.

You have 6 months to retro-register to earn points on purchases. And if you're new to EuroBonus, you can claim points for flights you've taken within 30 days prior to joining.  


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Please note that it can take up to 8 weeks before your points are registered in your EuroBonus account.



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Note that it can take up to 8 weeks before your points have been reported and registered.

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How to secure your EuroBonus points in the future

  1. Always quote your EuroBonus number when making a reservation, when checking in on flights and at hotels, or when renting a car.
  2. Always use your name as it is shown on your EuroBonus card.
  3. Always, if you make your flight reservations on our homepage, login first and your membership number and other contact details will be added automatically.