Shop as usual and discover the world. With a credit card linked to EuroBonus you can purchase food, clothes, gas, furniture or anything else you need and receive Extra points on all of it. You can shop wherever you like; not just at our partners. It won't take long to earn enough for your trip – without having flown once.

    SAS EuroBonus World MasterCard

    With the SAS EuroBonus World MasterCard you're earning Extra points on all of your purchases. Apply now to start earning points every time you shop. 

      Introductory bonus Extra points
    per purchase
    Annual fee
    1,000 Extra points 10 Extra points
    per DKK 100
    DKK 147,50 first year
    (reg. price DKK 295/year)

    For complete terms and conditions read more about SAS EuroBonus World MasterCard.

    Receive points from two places

    With a SAS EuroBonus credit card, you receive points on everything you buy – and sometimes you can get points twice for the same purchase. This applies if you purchase an item which is otherwise worth points, such as a flight, hotel stay or merchandise from an online retailer we work with. You receive points just as you would normally for your purchase but also points for the card purchase itself.

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