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Travel Pass Corporate

Discounts with SAS Travel Pass

SAS Travel Pass Corporate (TPC) is your company's key to better prices, simpler administration and convenient travel. As soon as you join the SAS Corporate Program, you can activate Travel Pass Corporate and start flying cheaper. Do you need to rebook or cancel? No problem since your trip is paid afterward.

Advantages for your company

Travel Pass Corporate lowers your company's travel costs and reduces administration.

  • 6% discount on flights within Scandinavia and Europe (in SAS Plus)
  • 14% discount on intercontinental flights (in SAS Plus and SAS Business)
  • Discounts are applied right at booking.
  • You always pay afterward.
  • Valid for flights all over the world.
  • No fees for rebooking or canceling.

Advantages for travelers

Travel Pass Corporate makes traveling just a little easier.

  • The trips earn EuroBonus points.
  • You have access to SAS Lounges and Fast Track.
  • You travel without a ticket.
  • Easy to rebook or cancel using the SAS App.
  • Only one receipt – no matter how many times you rebook. 

You can fly to these destinations with SAS Travel Pass Corporate

Are you aware that SAS Travel Pass Corporate
is part of the SAS Corporate Program?

This is how SAS Travel Pass Corporate works

Activate SAS Travel Pass Corporate

When your company has joined the SAS Corporate Program, you can activate Travel Pass Corporate and start traveling cheaper. 

This is what you do:

  1. Click on Activate SAS Travel Pass Corporate below.
  2. Enter your company code (CMP code) and choose Activate.
  3. Now you can add the people who will be traveling on the company's Travel Pass Corporate account. 
  4. Finally, each traveler creates his or her own Travel Pass profile. Then you can start enjoying cheaper travel!

Activate SAS Travel Pass Corporate

Earn SAS Credits on flights and hotels

Want to lower your costs on hotels and flights? Then make sure instead to choose to
earn Credits on your business travel.
More about SAS Credits

Good to know 

We have put together some useful information about SAS Travel Pass Corporate here, if your company is already a member of the SAS Corporate Program:

First, your company needs to belong to the SAS Corporate Program. Then the travel administrator at your company can activate your Travel Pass Corporate account. Once this is done, you can get your own Travel Pass login code and start booking trips.

Activate SAS Travel Pass Corporate 
Get a Travel Pass login

If more company staff want to travel with Travel Pass Corporate, click on the link below. All you need is your company code (CMP code).

Add the names of the travelers in the Travel Pass Corporate account

By adding your Travel Pass profile to your EuroBonus profile, you can be certain that you will always receive EuroBonus points when you book business trips at sas.se. Then by logging in once, you can book your business trips easily and receive EuroBonus points, view your bookings and flight history and much more.

You can find all the information about merging your profiles here

To book with Travel Pass Corporate you need a Travel Pass login code. Then you can easily book your trip at sas.se or with the SAS App

Log in and book your Travel Pass trip
Get a Travel Pass login

To book Travel Pass trips with the SAS App, first you need to get a Travel Pass login code.

Get a Travel Pass login

With Travel Pass Corporate, you can easily rebook and cancel at sas.se, with the SAS App or by phoning the SAS Corporate Sales Center (weekdays 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.). It costs nothing. If you have booked a trip with your company's travel agency, you must contact them to rebook or cancel and then there may be a fee involved. Unfortunately, SAS cannot assist with this.

No, the trips you take with Travel Pass Corporate cannot be combined with collecting Credits for the company.

You'll find the period of validity for your travel Pass Corporate account when you log in to your Travel Pass pages and choose Buy Travel Pass in the menu.