More ways to travel smart

More ways to travel smart

With the SAS Corporate Program you can lower your company's travel costs using SAS Credits or SAS Travel Pass Corporate. But there are more ways in the program to get more out of the company's travel. Find them here.

SAS Corporate Booking

If several of you are traveling and wish to be able to book, administer your bookings and view statistics all at the same place. You should connect to SAS Corporate Booking. This is a self–service feature for everyone in the company. Corporate Booking is part of the SAS Corporate Program and costs nothing but makes life much easier.  

  • Book flights 24 hours a day at the right price.
  • Book hotels and rental cars.
  • Your company will not miss out on valuable Credits since the company code (CMP code) is filled in.
  • You can view all booked, canceled and completed trips.
  • You can create a detailed profile showing who booked the trip and other information.

SAS Travel Pass punch

If one or more people usually fly between the same cities, a prepaid SAS Travel Pass punch card may be the ideal alternative. 

Punch card

  • Offers sharply discounted prices in SAS Plus.
  • Can be used by a private person or several people in a company.
  • Choose between which cities or within which region the card is valid.
  • Choose between 20, 40, 60, 100 or 200 punches.
  • Simpler processing with only one invoice.
  • Valid in the Nordic countries and between selected cities in Europe.
  • If you are a EuroBonus member you will automatically become EuroBonus Silver member (20 or 40 punches) or EuroBonus Gold member (60 punches) if you buy as a private individual. Upgrading of EuroBonus level does not apply to the purchase of punch cards for more people. 

SAS Travel Pass unlimited 

If you fly frequently between the same cities, try a prepaid SAS Travel Pass unlimited pass (unlimited). Then you can enjoy unlimited travel during a selected period of time.

Unlimited pass 

  • Gives sharply discounted prices in SAS Plus.
  • Valid for one person at the company.
  • Enjoy unlimited travel between two cities or within a region.
  • Choose between 6 and 12 months validity.
  • Simpler processing with only one invoice.
  • Valid in the Nordic countries and between selected cities in Europe.
  • As a EuroBonus member you will automatically become EuroBonus Gold member (6 month pass) or EuroBonus Diamond member (12 month pass).

SAS Credits Prepaid

The idea behind SAS Credits Prepaid is simple: You buy Credits in advance and receive up to 15% more to use in purchasing flights and overnight hotel stays.

  • You deposit money in advance.
  • Each deposit in cash is converted to Credits.
  • One Credit corresponds to one DKK/NOK/SEK to use for paying for flights, hotels and car rental.

  • As a thank you for your deposit, you receive extra Credits:
    • DKK/NOK/SEK 50,000 earns 55,000 Credits – 10% more Credits for the money
    • DKK/NOK/SEK 100,000 earns 112,000 Credits – 12% more Credits for the money
    • DKK/NOK/SEK 300,000 earns 345,000 Credits – 15% more Credits for the money
    • DKK/NOK/SEK 400,000 earns 460,000 Credits – 15% more Credits for the money
  • The Credits you buy with SAS Credits Prepaid can be used during the year they were deposited and for one additional year. 

SAS invoice

With a SAS invoice, you collect information on the company's trips and simplify processing. You decide how often the company receives an invoice – and who makes the payment. 

  • Only valid for payment in Scandinavia
  • Collect all your SAS purchases at, with the SAS App or by phone.
  • Choose an invoicing period – one invoice per week, one invoice per month or two invoices per month.
  • The invoice can be sent to the entire company or to a selected payment site.
  • Each invoice provides an excellent summary of the company's travel.